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Anyone else feel like when your nails are done, your life is a little more put together? ME TOO

I'm a religious gel nail gal, but these sticker manicures have completely replaced my regular salon visit!

You scan your nails so the stick on is the perfect shape & they have so many fun designs to choose from.

Follow the link "Shop ManiME" and sign up for a new account.

Be sure to use the homepage form and not the pop up for 20% off.

Once you set up your nail scans, you should see $15 in your account under "Mani Money"

Discount Amount:

$15 USD

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If there is anything we learned in 2020 is that we need to be more comfortable, but still feel sexy ...

let me introduce you to Parade.

The softest fabric ever, colorful, and has sizes for all body types (shout out to my big boobs ladies!) I have lived in my Parade panties and bras all summer.

My latest obsession are the mesh bras!

How to get promo:

Use the code: Audrey-10b

*no spaces

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20% off your first order

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