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red lipped sunshine

I'm Audrey

It is so nice to meet you

If you like margaritas & dancing like you're from the Breakfast Club -

I am your gal!

I am a pretend Italian, coffee shop enthusiast, cinephile, & bleeding heart, who lives for good conversations. My last name translated is red lips, I like to be in the front row of concerts, & am always early to airports.

Snapping photos, DEVELOPING A STyle &

Creating Sunshine

- Since 1993 -

We get it, you have a portfolio

but show us the

The Good Stuff

From daily adventures, promo codes, playlists, and cocktail recipes - here are a few other stops on the site you might enjoy!

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Curious clients, loyal returnees, family, friends, social media strangers, & those random people from high school who still stalk me -

let's stay connected.