Heno & the Hitchhikers

January 3, 2017

Instagram is an odd little app, but one I am very grateful for. A simple square platform has changed my style as an artist, inlfuenced my personality and taste, and has connected me with many wonderful people that I would have never crossed paths with if we didn’t exchange a little double tap heart.

I followed @hennythepooh years ago. Fascinated by his travels and raw street photography, I couldn’t help but want to experience his stories first hand. Luckily, he was hitchhiking his way through Portland and with that silly little app, Henry and his adventurous friends (Annie, Shelley, and Michael!) ended up camping around my apartment last Thursday evening. We exchanged pasts, shared our passions and art, and ate really good tacos, before sending them off on their way to Seattle. I sat them down for a little family portrait to document a night of new friends and how f*cking cool the instagram community is.



It was lovely meeting you @hennythepooh, @portugal777, @shelleykinz, and Annie. See you next time you decide to hitch a ride my way!